What We Do

Through our lecture, talk show and panel discussion events, we have directly impacted tens of thousands of global youth with our global speakers who joined on board with us as volunteer, sharing them their priceless real life and career experience with some of their important advice and messages in partnerships with national and private universities, board of educations, embassies & consulates, nonprofit organizations and corporations. Some of our past speakers include Hollywood super celebrities, ambassadors & consul generals, conglomerate CEO, Presidents and senior executives, TED Talk Speaker and others. We believe that it is much more impactful, inspirational and meaningful for youth to have an opportunity to hear real voices directly from our global speakers themselves in person and exchange dialogues with them so the voices may help empower them to go a little further to reach their fullest potential.

Targeted Youth Group

In partnerships with embassies & consulates, nonprofits and local governments, we have engaged in youth activities that specifically targeted youth group for different interests such as Hollywood studios workshops, English speech contest, LGBT lecture, studying abroad program, small business youth leaders, global minded students, young military troops, American culture, dramatic arts and many others.

Universities and Colleges

KIF partners up with different national and private universities and colleges to educate their undergrad students about global mindset, multiculturalism and career, lectured by our high-profile global speakers in different career backgrounds.

High and Middle Schools

KIF partners up with board of educations of local governments to educate their high and middle school students about the importance of global mindset, achieving their dreams and pursuing higher education. We have outreached thousands of high and middle schools students over years in dozens of different schools and cities.