About KIF Women

At KIF Women, we empower all girls and women to be, do and achieve whatever they strongly believe they want to be, do and achieve in their lives.

What We Do

With our global NGO and nonprofit partners, we have impacted thousands of girls, especially high school students, and women in wide range of ages and generations through our lecture events for different occasions in various countries.

Our Women Advocate

Our frontrunner, leader and speaker of our KIF women program is Nia Lyte, our co-founder and President who has devoted herself to encourage girls and women globally for more than 10 years in many different unique and special speaking occasions, including TED Talks, United Nations Headquarters for U.N. Women, numerous women related international NGOs and educational institutions. For some of the occasions, Nia has spoken before hundreds of business, government and community global women leaders about women’s empowerment and leaderships. As author, Nia has written her second book for girls and women titled “The Power of Your Inner Beauty”, published and available in Amazon and Barnes & Nobles online with great reviews by some of the readers.

Our Approaches

At KIF Women, we have three main methods of outreaching global girls and women to address them some important topics, including gender equality, girl's and women's empowerment and leadership as well as the importance of pursuing higher education.

As Organizer

KIF Women organizes events for girls and women in collaborations with our partners and supporters at different educational institutions such as high schools and universities and international centers.

As Partner

KIF Women participates international events organized by our international NGOs and nonprofit partners to support their activities and help them promote topics for girls and women.

As Promoter

KIF Women utilizes our own social media platforms to promote our own campaigns, events and programs for girls and women as well as our partner's to our global supporters and followers.