We build people-to-people ties through cross-cultural and sports diplomacy activities to foster mutual understanding and respect between peoples and communities for world peace.


In the past years, we have partnered up with different national governments & its agencies, embassies & consulates, nonprofits and corporations through shared interests and aims to implement international cross-cultural and networking events such as American Night, Colombian Night and Italian Night for a local partnering community.

We basically bridge both foreign residents and local citizens and invite them to the cross-cultural and networking events ranging from 30 to over 500 people depending on the cultural activities and the targeted group we are aiming for to give them an opportunity to build bilateral people-to-people relationships, introduce each other’s culture, foods and language, deepen the mutual understanding and respect as well as to bring in world peace locally.

For other occasions, we brought in famous Hollywood celebrities to interact with thousands of youth directly through our cross-cultural activities in different regional areas where they normally wouldn’t visit. The events gave both celebrities and local citizens rare opportunities to get to know each other and learn what they have to offer each other in culture.

Every cross-cultural event we organize is unique, special and different specifically designed to cater for what a designated partnering country has to offer in activities for the hosting citizens and communities.


We educate and inspire youth to participate in physical activities in a team environment to promote the importance of sportsmanship. Through sports, one can be healthier, get in shape and develop better social skills. Cultural and arts events can help individuals foster a better understanding of multiculturalism and develop a deeper respect for each others' differences.

For example, martial arts training disciplines the mind, body and spirit, which are essential to developing strong morals and living a meaning life. The core essence of the art is to help develop oneself in regards to self-discipline, self-determination, self-affirmation, self-assertion, self-discovery and self-confidence. It is not only physically beneficial, but helps cultivate one's character to be a better person in various respects such as Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor and Loyalty.

Through Sports Events

We have impacted thousands of youth, women and other people in martial arts community through a charitable martial arts performance event United States Martial Arts Festival (USMAF) that brings fans and different styles and schools of martial artists from around the world together in an effort to support and promote respect among the various international communities and their arts, cultures and sports.

At the event, hundreds of grand masters, masters, teachers and students from different martial arts schools have participated to represent their arts, schools and countries for their performance and interacted each other to learn from each other about their differences in arts, culture, history and background for mutual understanding, respect, unity and peace in martial arts community.

Martial Arts Training for Underprivileged Individuals

Our plan is to provide selected martial arts teachers to teach underprivileged individuals, especially girls, women and youth who live in extremely poor communities in various nations about its arts, cultures and histories as well as different self-defense techniques and knowledge to be able to defend themselves, their families and friends from bad guys. Through martial arts training and interactions, both teachers and its students will develop people-to-people relationships to learn each other’s differences in belief, culture, character and respect. By educating them with right guidance, knowledge and techniques, it may help build its own character to be a better person and also reduce violence against girls and women, youth and others from criminals.