Chair presides over meetings of the board, collaborating with the chief executive to create a purposeful agenda and to set priorities, and helping to ensure sound and compliant governance of the organization. Chair must also engage and facilitate participation from each board member and make sure the ideas, and the decisions, are collective. Chair's role is to create the conditions under which the directors can have productive group discussions.

President and CEO

President and CEO is charged with managing the organization and effectuating the board’s direction. A President and CEO works closely with the founder and board to meet the financial expectations and fundraising needs of the organization. The President and CEO, under the guidance of the board, establishes strategies for the financial running of the nonprofit organization. They are in charge of seeing to it that money raised gets to programs as needed.

Director of Programs and Partnerships

Director of Programs and Partnerships is responsible of developing and executing the organization's programs such as United States Citizen Diplomacy Initiative, United States Martial Arts Program, 1000 Ways To Give, KIF Women of America, KIF Youth of America as well as forming and managing new and existing organizational partnerships.

Director of Membership and Communications

Director of Membership & Communication is responsible of finding and managing corporate and individual new and existing memberships, making grants, forming and managing new and existing local chapters at the State level within the United State and managing the communication of its social network, medias and official website.

Director of Finance and Administration

Director of Finance and Administration is responsible of administering its investment activities, daily accounting, office infrastructure, human resources, all audit, tax preparation and internal control operations and the financial planning of the company by developing the annual budget and analyzing performance and risks.